Aug 11 2023


7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Step by Step Guide For 100 Actions To Take When Starting Your Business

When I started my business, I was winging it. I read business books, did research on the Internet but there was never a step-by-step guide to tell me what I needed to do, how, when, or in what order.

So I followed what I was being told and reading about: Wrote my business plan, with a marketing plan and a social media posting strategy. Let me tell you, everything got overwhelming, real fast.

Then people started to advise me to go get an MBA. Their reasoning was an MBA would answer all my questions and solve all my business problems. Note: If you have an MBA, I’m proud of you because it is a great accomplishment.

I, however, didn’t have the time and resources to go back to school for a business degree. See, I was unemployed. When I started my business, my unemployment checks were coming to the end, really fast. I spent nearly 6 months looking for a new job. My problem was that I was looking for the same type of work I did, for the same pay or higher. That didn’t work out. But this is a story for another day.

Amongst the chaos, I had a business idea. After an interview, where they went with another candidate, I decided to take a leap of faith to start my own business; a party furniture sales and rental company.

Five years later, I sold part of the furniture company. Now I work completely online creating and selling digital products and services.

This course is a free introduction to the 100 actions I should have taken when I started my business, in the order they are meant to be taken.

I was doing everything, all the time, in no particular order. But then over time, I begun recording my processes. I found so many areas that I could improved on, if only I had taken certain action at the very start of my business. I realized, I was what I called, “an after the facts person.” You don’t want to be that person in business. It is the worse feeling.

One very simple example is setting up working hours. Make sure to do this at the very beginning of starting your business. I never thought about doing that. I paid for it dearly and missed milestone events with family and friends. I worked non-stop, 7 days a week and took so much pride in it. And guess what? Since I had no set hours, everyone treated my business like it was open 24/7. Now, I only work from 10am-4pm, Monday to Thursday. When I’m with loved ones, I’m focused on them, not on work. When I go on vacation, I leave my work phone at home. I don’t check messages or voicemails, until I return from vacation and back to work.

I want the same thing for you, as an entrepreneur. You deserve happiness while building your business- Stressed and overworked are OUT. Easy navigation systems, working tools and freedom to do your work anywhere are IN.

This introductory course is roughly 15 minutes long. I share with you 100 action items I should have taken, one step at a time.

Then if you want, you can purchase the full course: I go over each step in great details. You’ll have access to the slideshows that contain the tools, and the systems to use and in what order.


Entrepreneurs or anyone interested in starting a business but don’t know how to get started.


This intro video is roughly 15 minutes long and it’s 100% free, no obligations. You can just grab the list of 100 actions and not watch the video. But I want to tell you this, if you spend more than 15 minutes today scrolling on social media, did those 15 minutes help grow your business? I guarantee you will learn something new from my list. Unless learning new things isn’t your thing. That, I understand.


I had a novel business, throne chairs and I applied the steps in this course to grow my business to 6-figures. I believe my step by step guide can be applied to grow any type of business in 2023 and beyond.


You do not have to listen to me. But I have to tell you building a 6-figure business, per year, is not as easy as people think. Some fields, reaching 6-figures right away is the norm. But this is not true for all fields. Believe me, this comprehensive step by step guide will get you to 6-figure much faster than I did. I believe you will have more knowledge than I did when I got started. You will probably build a million dollar business. Your possibilities are based on the actions you take today and in the right order. And with my list, you’ll always know what action to take and will never miss an opportunity to grow.


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