Jul 25 2023 - Aug 25 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Financial Wellness for Women – Free Breakfast!

Calling all independent and empowered women!

Join us for breakfast and an exclusive session tailored specifically to address the unique financial challenges and opportunities you face. Led by a knowledgeable financial advisor and estate planner, this empowering session will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to take control of your financial future.


9:00am | In-Person | Registration opens & breakfast is available

9:15am | Event begins

9:50am | Q&A Session

10:00am | Go on back to work!

What will be covered:

⭐ Financial Goal Setting: Learn how to establish clear and attainable financial goals that align with your values and aspirations as a woman.

🎯 Where Should Your Money Go? Gain insights into investment options and strategies that take into account the unique considerations of women.

🚲 Prepping for your next chapter: Discover effective retirement planning techniques that account for the specific challenges women may face, including longer lifespans and potential career interruptions.

👨‍👩‍👦 How to Protect Your Family When You No Longer Can: Learn the importance of estate planning in protecting and passing on your wealth, assets, and values to future generations with confidence.

🤔 When Legal Zoom works and when it won’t cut it: the what and how of the will and trust landscape.

Join us for breakfast during this empowering session, where you’ll gain valuable insights, tools, and strategies to navigate your financial journey with confidence and independence. Connect with a community of like-minded women, share experiences, and learn from practitioners in the fields of financial planning and estate planning who understand your unique needs.

This in-person gathering will take place on Fri Aug 25 2023 at the 175 Regency Woods Place Terrace Conference Center in Cary, NC.

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